Concentration and Exam Performance
Concentration and Exam Performance

Improve Concentration and Exam Performance with Waterford Hypnosis…

  • Hypnosis can help improve your concentration and start taking your exams with confidence. One very important pre-condition for overcoming exam apprehension is the ability to relax before and during exams. Self-hypnosis training is a powerful tool for maximizing your concentration and enhancing your exam performance.
  • The subconscious mind is of such size that it could not be filled in a total lifetime. It is capable of remembering everything that has ever been heard, read or experienced.
  • Hypnosis can be a highly effective in increasing motivation, establishing beneficial study habits, enhancing memory, boosting confidence, helping the person to relax and recall what has been studied in the exam situation.



“Hypnosis with Trevor allowed me to get back on track with my Leaving Cert preparations after I underwent major surgery. The self-hypnosis he taught me allowed me to relax whenever the stress started becoming a bit much. I am now taking my exams fully prepared and confident of success.”
– Diarmuid, aged 18, Wexford



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