Fears & Phobias
Fears & Phobias

Eliminate Fears and Phobias with Waterford Hypnosis…

  • One of the most frequent reasons why people seek hypnosis is to help them deal with their fears and phobias. Many irrational fears and phobias can develop in childhood and can continue into adulthood.
  • Fears can be caused by a traumatic experience, but most prove to have originated in early, impressionable years. Through behavioral change and positive visualization hypnosis can help reduce these fears. Powerful positive suggestions can be given to the persons subconscious mind, reprogramming them to positively respond to situations that cause the fear. I also use the ‘Fast Phobia Cure’ an NLP technique, which can help a person’s phobia within a matter of minutes.
  • Most of us at one point suffered from one kind of fear or another, from fear of flying, fear of snakes to fear of dogs. Fears are common, for example, studies have shown that about four percent of the adult American population has arachnophobia – a fear of spiders.


Nicola, Waterford:

I recently went to Trevor to get help with a fear of driving. I have been driving confidently for 15 years and a fear overtook me one day from nowhere. It was gone to a stage that I was dreading getting into the car and didn’t want to go anywhere that involved driving so I knew I had to get some help with it. I have always been very skeptical about hypnosis and always saw it as something that Keith Barry does as a joke and I didn’t really have any belief in it. But I knew I needed help so I said I’d go in with an open mind and give it a try.

Trevor put me at ease straight away and made me feel very comfortable. His office is very comfortable, relaxing and private. He explained the whole process and helped me believe that hypnosis was going to help me. The hypnosis was very relaxing and I couldn’t believe how ‘with it’ you are while you are hypnotized. The hypnosis has helped me greatly and I am now back driving with confidence and without any fear. Trevor taught me many techniques I can use if the feeling of fear ever comes back including self-hypnosis. I would highly recommend Trevor and hypnosis to anyone with any kind of fear or phobia. I can now drive anywhere without feeling afraid and I am so grateful for that.

Thanks a million for all your help Trevor, I really appreciate it.

Vicki, Waterford

I would like to thank Trevor for his amazing work with me on Saturday 13th August 2011. I’ve been afraid of dogs all my life and my kids finally got a pup and I was petrified of him. I read about Trevors work and decided to meet with him and did not expect much success. To be honest I thought that Trevor would be in over his head, but can’t believe i’m now touching the pup for the first time in my life. It’s amazing neighbours, friends and family can’t believe it and either can I if the truth be told! Thank you Trevor you really have worked a miracle with my fear.


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