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Stop Smoking

Padraic, Waterford

20 years trying, one visit and I am still off 2 years on….its all the proof i need Trevor cheers

Ken, Wexford

On the 7th January 2012 I had a life changing experience. After smoking for thirty eight years I had one session with Trevor, and I am a non-smoker ever since

Helen, Waterford

After two failed hypnosis attempts with other hypnotists, unsuccessfully reading the Alan Carr book and nearly twenty years of struggling with smoking, I thought I was a smoker for life. After committing to Trevor’s Stop Smoking hypnosis program, I know I am never going to go back to smoking – it all thanks to you. My clothes smell fresher, I have more energy, I now have my life back. Thanks Trevor

Michelle, Waterford

After smoking for 26 years I really wanted to stop but felt I had no willpower. With hypnosis, it has been surpisingly easy to stop. I am thrilled, I should have done it years ago. Thanks again!

Stephen, Waterford

Hi Trevor. It’s now 2 years since I smoked a cigarette thanks to you. I can’t believe how easy you made stopping smoking especially since I was smoking over 20 years and smoking 20 a day. I had tried giving up numerous times before with limited success. This time though I have been in situations which would cause me to go back smoking (stress / drinking etc etc ) and there has been no want …to have a cigarette. I describe this as I am now a non smoker who has stopped smoking as opposed to a smoker who has stopped smoking. I know now I will never smoke again and it feels great. The only regret I have is that I didn’t go to you sooner. In our session you asked me to imagine myself as a non smoker 3 months on at Christmas. Thanks to you this is a reality and i am looking forward to next Christmas as a non smoker. Thanks again

Pamela, Waterford

I’ve been a non-smoker now for over one year. My previous attempts at quitting smoking included patches, gum and willpower and I can wholeheartedly say that this has been the easiest and most effective of all. I am so happy I took the decision to book that session with you!

Declan, Dungarvan, Waterford

Feel like a new man

Dorien, Waterford

Hi Trevor. Just want to let you know im smoke free over a year now! It was one year on the 15th July! Im absolutely delighted and still feeling strong about staying smoke free. I don’t think I would have done it without the help of the hypnosis. Thanks a million!

John, Waterford

Trevor spoke to the “real me” – or my unconcious as you would possibly call it. Anyway – It was a fantastic result, One year later, I am now totally smoke free and it’s all thanks to what we did together in that one and only session. I can’t thank you enough.

Debbie, Waterford

Hi Trevor, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for helping me give up smoking once and for all. Its 8 months since I went to u and I’ve been happily smoke free. Having given up before I can honestly say now that this time was the easiest and i don’t see myself ever smoking again. If only everyone knew it was so do-able, I’m sure they would use hypnosis. Thanks again

Maria, Waterford

After a bit of a shaky start, I am very proud to say ‘I am a non smoker’. Trevor, you restored my faith in my own ability to quit. You are a true gent, thank you so much. Yippee it’s great to be free! – Maria. Note: I hope this is okay, it is how I truly feel. Once again, thank you so much.

Weight Control

Julie, Waterford

I Just finished my sessions for weight loss program with Trevor. Already down a dress size and looking good. Looking forward to the future being the size I want. THANKS TREVOR for all your help and support

Dolories, Waterford

Hi Trevor. I want to say big thank you for helping to make it possible to loose weight through your hypnosis. I can now wear my little black number to my christmas party with confidence…….. Dreams do come true.

Patrick, Waterford

I am a wheelchair user who has battled with my weight for a long time and I have been on every diet going. I was reading my local paper and came across Trevors advert so I made an appoinment and never looked back. It was a new experince for me and I have lost ten pounds so far, so Thanks Very Much Trevor

Michelle, Waterford

It’s been approx two weeks now since I completed my six week weight management sessions with you at Waterford Hypnosis. I wanted to take a moment to firstly thank you very much and secondly to share my experienceof hypnosis which I am hoping you can share with future clients as it may help them decide if hypnosis is for them. I know for me , when researching this avenue I was interested to hear of others experiences.

Hypnosis was not something I jumped right into as a fleeting thought , looking for a miracle cure for my expanding waist line! I’ve considered it and reviewed it as a method for weight management down through the years but never quite felt like I needed it just yet. Over the past 6 years or so, I’ve managed to successfully lose approx 6 stone through sheer determination , exercise and change in diet however the past year or so approx a stone has gradually creeped back on . So I changed things up , looked at my diet and tried a more intensive exercise routine. Now this all sounds great and it was and is, but I startedto look at food and realised I’m obsessed! As most of us probably are. I realised that I use food as some sort of a reward or comfort. When I’m happy, sad, celebrating, commiserating…food is the reward! I knew I needed to change my mind set and not have food be such a focal point in my life. I love food, we all do but I didn’t want it playing such a role in my life.

As I used food as a reward or comforter it only worked for that moment in time until day after day my clothes started getting a little more snug and my chin was starting to grow an extra chin and my belly was manufacturing spare tyres at a very fast rate lol. All my exercise and watching my food was great but I just needed that change in mind set so I knew I was ready for hypnosis.

So, after a 6 week weight management course , where I visited Trevors office 4 times I am delighted to say that I am 15.5lbs lighter and have lost an average of 14 inches all over my body! How you might ask? Well if you want to lose weight the concept is very simple, portion control, healthy choices and exercise. It’s actually not that complicated, however it takes determination and a true want , to lose the weight and manage your weight and that’s the difficult part.Through Trevors suggestions I found myself actually eating more. More fruit and vegetables (actually craving them). I found myself drinking more water, I was actually really thirsty. I found myself pushing myself at exercise class, I was far more determined! Some nights I found myself thinking about having a chocolate bar and all of a sudden it was hours later and I was brushing my teeth, getting ready for bed and thinking, wow I really didn’t NEED that choclate bar after all!

See the thing is, I lost that weight the regular normal old way. Portion control, healthy food choices and exercise and although physically exerting, it wasn’t a mental struggle because of how hypnosis works. The last day that I stood on the scales and we worked out I had lost 15.5lbs in that length of time, I was astounded. It really didn’t feel like it had been a struggle. And honestly it wasn’t.

Now that my visits to Trevor are over, the stabilisers are off and through the techniques Trevor has thought me I can help myself to maintain my weight and I can see myself at my ideal weight and shape for me. I am happier, healthier, more confident and everyone notices !

Would I recommend Hypnosis for weight management? One hundred percent yes, however I will add a BUT….You have to want to do this, you cannot enter into this half hearted and you have to be realisitic. Hynosis doesn’t make the pounds vanish like a magic potion. It’s still back to the basics of food and exercise. I was extremely successful because I worked really hard and practiced the techniques I was taught. Thank you Trevor for helping me find a new and effective way of managing my weight for the future. I’m altogether more confident and feel so much more healthier and positive.

Stress Reduction

Miriam, Wexford

It’s been six months since I was at Waterford Hypnosis, and I want to thank you Trevor so much for helping me in my life. I can proudly say that I have not had a panic attack for the whole time. I haven’t got fears like I used to, my body doesn’t react wierd in different situations. To be honest with you I am overwhelmmed everyday. How easy it was to change the torture I was going through. The nicest thing I experienced is the sensation of being in a moment of control, in a moment when I used to freak out. The peace inside me gives me more self confidence and happiness. Thank you again.

Aidan, Waterford

My name is Aidan. The last two years of my life have been very stressful after I was told at the hospital I had terminal cancer. I needed some positive direction for the time I have left and that was when I heard about Trevor Eivers. I got in touch with Trevor and told him my story about my illness and that I had lost all confidence in myself. I also developed a terrible hospital phobia which was making it very difficult for me in terms of extra stress. I started to attend his office and after the 2nd visit I could feel myself starting to fight back and after the 4th visit he had me back in control again, my confidence returned and it was no problem to go to the hospital for treatment after that. My wife and the haematologist all noticed the change, so I know Trevor has helped me so much. He put his heart and soul into each session and it has helped me no end. If you go to Trevor you will not be dissatisfied with the results. If you would like to speak to me in person Trevor has my phone number. Give it a try you have nothing to lose.

Stephaine, Waterford

Hey Trevor I’ve been doin great I go everywhere now by myself too!! The hypnosis helped alot thank you!! I still do the self hynopsis at least every evening!! I have my life back…i feel like im myself again!!

Renee, Tipperary

I first contacted Trevor on the recommendation of a friend who he’d helped quit smoking. Trevor has helped me immeasurably. I’ve had three sessions so far and was going through some very painful personal problems during that time. Trevors manner put me at ease immediately and I will definitely return to him throughout my life. Trevor has absolute integrity, and great candour and compassion, all of which has increased my ability to relax as much as possible. I would recommend him to everyone.

Fears & Phobias

Vicki, Waterford

I would like to thank Trevor for his amazing work with me on Saturday 13th August 2011. I’ve been afraid of dogs all my life and my kids finally got a pup and I was petrified of him. I read about Trevors work and decided to meet with him and did not expect much success. To be honest I thought that Trevor would be in over his head, but can’t believe i’m now touching the pup for the first time in my life. It’s amazing neighbours, friends and family can’t believe it and either can I if the truth be told! Thank you Trevor you really have worked a miracle with my fear.

Nail Biting

John, Tipperary

Fantastic, I can’t believe it, but I have not bitten my nails since. Am cutting my nails for the first time tonight. Its only great. Thanks a million. ill recommend you over and over again.

Renee, Tipperary

Thank you Trevor, the skin around my nails is healing well, almost immediately became concious of biting. I had bitten my nails for as long as I can remember, it was a deeply entrenched habit.

Weight Control

Daisy, Tipperary

Hi Trevor,

I’d like to thank you for believing in me. I really appreciate all the doors you’ve opened for me. I feel like my horizons have expanded, my thinking about food and what I put in my body has totally transformed; I read labels on food and I really care about what I’m eating now. I haven’t touched any rubbish food for 5 weeks now (bar one square of dark chocolate, because it’s supposed to be good for you I hear) – and I feel fantastic. I don’t even want rubbishy food anymore, so it’s not like I’m depriving myself. My confidence has improved and I’ve lost 18lb! I honestly can’t believe it, but I truly believe I made a life changing decision by coming to see you and I believe it will see me healthy and fit for life.

Thank you so much!!

And ten weeks later I got another follow up from Daisy:

I have now also started back swimming in the last few weeks after 8 years.!! I do at least half an hours exercise daily and my eating is still perfect, a few cravings here and there but I deal with them with the mindfulness. I still listen to the mp3 as well. And I juice every day too. Generally in myself I am so much more relaxed and confident. I am much more willing to put effort into myself in general, for instance I got a book from a friend that is called ‘Love Your Body’ by Louise L. Hay I think her name is. On every page there is a body part/organ, and there is a small paragraph with it that you read out loud to yourself while standing in front of the mirror, ten times, morning and night. I found that great too, before doing the hypnosis I would have written off doing things like that as useless. I am always energised and happy.! 😀 I am so glad I came down to you, it has really changed my life SO MUCH!!
The comments coming from people about my loss are great too.! :)
Louise, Waterford

“Things are going really well for me since the Weight Control Hypnosis program. I have lost 30 lbs so far and I am feeling so much better than I did before. I am using the self hypnosis and the recording from our last session. I’m walking more and feeling confident. I’m drinking about 3 liters of water a day and it is easy to do so. I am eating healthier and I am enjoying it. I am loving fruits and vegetables. This is the new me now and I am very happy with the changes that have come from my weight loss.

Thank you so much for everything Trevor you have helped me change my life and I really appreciate your help. I have recommended you to my friends and I hope they contact you when it is the ‘right time for them’.”

Fears & Phobias

Nicola, Waterford

I recently went to Trevor to get help with a fear of driving. I have been driving confidently for 15 years and a fear overtook me one day from nowhere. It was gone to a stage that I was dreading getting into the car and didn’t want to go anywhere that involved driving so I knew I had to get some help with it. I have always been very sceptical about hypnosis and always saw it as something that Keith Barry does as a joke and I didn’t really have any belief in it. But I knew I needed help so I said I’d go in with an open mind and give it a try.

Trevor put me at ease straight away and made me feel very comfortable. His office is very comfortable, relaxing and private. He explained the whole process and helped me believe that hypnosis was going to help me. The hypnosis was very relaxing and I couldn’t believe how ‘with it’ you are while you are hypnotised. The hypnosis has helped me greatly and I am now back driving with confidence and without any fear. Trevor taught me many techniques I can use if the feeling of fear ever comes back including self-hypnosis. I would highly recommend Trevor and hypnosis to anyone with any kind of fear or phobia. I can now drive anywhere without feeling afraid and I am so grateful for that.

Thanks a million for all your help Trevor, I really appreciate it.


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